Chiropractor in NYC

Chiropractic Care

The Chiropractic care we provide at Fuel is far-removed from the traditional “rack & crack” chiropractors of the past. Our doctors are highly trained spinal specialists who understand the great impact the soft-tissue structures have on the spine. We work to identify all the causes of your spinal problems from poor posture and alignment issues to over-use injuries and micro-traumas. We specialize in herniated disc care, spinal stenosis, and pinched nerves.

Our combination of joint and muscle care along with spinal decompression and nerve-flossing techniques has produced incredible success in even the most recalcitrant cases. That’s why spinal surgeons and leading physicians from all the top hospitals are confident when they refer their patients to us for conservative spinal care. If you would like to speak to one of our doctors before you schedule please call 646-478-8700 and our patient coordinators will arrange a phone consultation.

NYC Chiropractor Dr. Peter Duggan and Dr. Eric Winiarz provide chiropractic care at Fuel Sport & Spine NYC

Our Focused Philosophy

FUEL SPORT & SPINE was founded with the sole mission of providing patients with comprehensive focused care. We believe a diversified team dedicated to helping our patients achieve their goals is better than a “one size fits all” approach.

Our team goes above and beyond to make sure our patients receive a personalized level of care not seen anywhere else. We pride ourselves on pinpoint diagnosis with a unique ability to identify the actual problem. We treat the specific condition precisely and aggressively so you can return back to full health and optimal function.

Whether you are training for your 20th marathon, your first 5K, or just want to sit at your desk comfortably, we are the team that will help FUEL your goals. We have an uncommon passion for helping people. Our doctors act as your health advocate. They not only treat you and guide you through the rehabilitation process, they help each patient with life-style changes to help you take control of your health. We are here to relieve you of your pain, increase your strength, and restore your function.