Physical Therapy in NYC

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy approach is unlike anywhere else. Our PT’s don’t just simply treat conditions or injuries—they treat the whole patient. Our philosophy is based on functional restoration. Often restoring a patient’s function to levels not previously seen. We take the time to listen to the patient’s history, special considerations, and goals. Our physical therapy department has advanced training in orthopaedics, and holds manual therapy distinctions in the Mulligan technique and ongoing training using ART (Active Release Technique).

Most importantly, we recognize all functional deficits on both the micro and macro levels. Imbalances and weaknesses are identified and immediately we begin the work to correct them. We ensure patients are comfortable with their functional exercises and we perform highly specified soft-tissue treatments to enhance the strengthening process. We pride ourselves in helping fix patient injuries or complaints permanently so that our patients can live the life they want to live.