Fuel Sport & Spine Team

The Fuel Team

Dr. Peter Duggan

Doctor of Chiropractic, The National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Duggan enjoys working with professional athletes from: MLB, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, PGA as well as, Olympic and professional runners and Ironman triathletes. He focuses on the athlete’s muscular and skeletal imbalances, correcting them to help optimize performance in competition.

Dr. Duggan uses the very latest medical advances including Active Release Techniques & Graston Techniques to get his patients back to competition quickly. Dr. Duggan is an ART instructor and helps teach doctors and therapists from around the country the latest in soft tissue therapeutics. Many athletes recognize the competitive edge they receive from treatment and elect to continue with performance care, once their injury has resolved, to help them reach their athletic goals.

Dr. Duggan has lectured extensively and made numerous TV appearances on sports and spinal injuries. He has presented at the NYU School of Medicine Comprehensive Spine Course as guest faculty. He has been appointed to the medical staff for The Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii; Medical Captain for The NYC Marathon and Manhattan Classic Gymnastic Competitions.

Peter Duggan of Duggan Chiropractic
Dr. Eric Winiarz of Duggan Chiropractic

Dr. Eric Winiarz

Doctor of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College

Dr. Winiarz has extensive post graduate education and is full body certified in Active Release Technique and Graston instrument soft tissue manipulation. He acknowledges that soft tissue dysfunction plays an integral role in pain syndromes creating altered biomechanics which results in faulty movement patterns.

He is expert in functional rehabilitation and soft tissue release methods. Dr. Winiarz is TPI certified from the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI has has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top tour players to weekend enthusiasts. The TPI analysis reveals physical limitations in a player’s body which adversely affect the golf swing and more importantly lead to injury. To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. This screen involved as assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness and movement quality, and a client history.

Dr. Winiarz has a certificate of completion for the McGill Method, a technique by Stuart McGill. He is the world’s most prominent spinal bio mechanical researcher that combines movement efficiency with exercises to create a resilient spine. His post graduate studies in spine biomechanics employs movement techniques to help treat patients who suffer from chronic low back pain. Teaching exercises to help these patients to move with less pain and employ self-management techniques to understand their own back pain and learn how to avoid painful situations. He understands how important movement quality is and how it relates to pain syndromes.

Dr Winiarz enjoys competing in triathlon events and road running races. He treats a wide range of athletes from Ironman to weekend warriors. He understands fitness, as an enthusiast and enjoys helping other athletes obtain their specific goals so they can reach their fitness aspirations and maintain a healthy quality of life.

Dr. Allison Gould

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Vermont

Dr. Gould is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She was a competitive cyclist while still an undergraduate at UVM, competing in both road and mountain seasons in the ECCC. After graduating, Dr. Gould shifted her focus to running. She has completed dozens of half marathons and six full length marathons, including most recently the New York City Marathon in 2019. Additionally, she has raced multiple sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and one half Ironman. After sustaining a hip flexor injury, she decided to return to the academic world in order to pursue a career in helping people stay active in their daily routines and to fully live and participate in their favorite activities without pain or limitation.

Dr. Gould is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) and is also a Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP). Additionally, she has training in pelvic floor health with the Herman & Wallace Institute, and is skilled in treating both men and women. Dr. Gould is an E-RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher and enjoys bringing yoga and meditation into her physical therapy practice. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education (EdD) through the University of New England, with a dissertation topic focused on inclusive health care for the gender non-conforming patient. She looks forward to teaching in her chosen field and inspiring new clinicians. She strives to provide extraordinary care for all of her patients through the constant pursuit of education and by surrounding herself with collaborative colleagues who adhere to patient centered practice.

Dr. Dean Hottum

Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University

Dr. Hottum specializes in treating both professional and amateur athletes. As a former high-performance athlete, he understands the demands they endure and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals. He utilizes manual therapies, movement analysis, and rehabilitative approaches to help people move and perform optimally whether they are picking up barbells or grandkids.

During his athletic career, Dr. Hottum represented the U.S. in both wrestling and rugby, and held contracts to play rugby in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Upon returning to the U.S., he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Master of Sport Health Science, both with honors, from Life University in Atlanta, GA. He currently holds a seat on the International Sports Chiropractic Federation’s International Games Commission and travels to a variety of sporting events to treat athletes.

Dr. Hottum has extensive post-graduate education in sports medicine and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), as well as numerous taping and cupping techniques.

Summer Reed

Summer Reed is a Romana’s Pilates Certified Instructor and co-founder of LAB Pilates. With two years of formal training and an additional five years apprenticing under New York’s master instructors, she has remained a humble student throughout her career. Summer is one of very few teachers in NYC with this incredibly thorough certification and is equipped to handle any body type and/or injury. Her sessions are results-driven and efficient, attracting CEOs, runners, golfers, new parents, and 85-year-olds who impress their doctors so much that they come, too!

From the age of 8 Summer started training rigorously in ballet and left home when she was 15 to attend a professional boarding school for dancers. She was selected to be an American Ballet Theatre National Training Scholar for 4 consecutive years, and helped found a contemporary ballet company in Pittsburgh, PA. Chronic injuries led her to Romana’s Pilates in NYC, and there she discovered hope to pursue an active lifestyle without pain. Thanks to Pilates (and amazing chiropractic care!) she now enjoys running, cycling, weight training, hiking, and the hardest workout of all — babysitting her niece and nephew! She travels internationally to guest teach and learn from world renowned instructors, and continues to master her craft by training regularly with her mentor.

Fuel Sport & Spine Pilates Instructor Summer Reed teaching

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As always, you can expect the same great level of care from Dr. Duggan and the rest of the FUEL team and staff. We look forward to helping all of you get back to your healthy pursuits!