PIlates in NYC


Summer Reed is a Romana’s Pilates Certified Instructor and co-founder of LAB Pilates. With 2 years of formal training and an additional 5 years apprenticing under New York’s master instructors, she has remained a humble student throughout her career. Summer is one of very few teachers in NYC with this incredibly thorough certification and is equipped to handle any body type and/or injury. Her sessions are results-driven and efficient, attracting CEOs, runners, golfers, new parents, and 85-year-olds who impress their doctors so much that they come, too!

From the age of 8 Summer started training rigorously in ballet and left home when she was 15 to attend a professional boarding school for dancers. She was selected to be an American Ballet Theatre National Training Scholar for 4 consecutive years, and helped found a contemporary ballet company in Pittsburgh, PA. Chronic injuries led her to Romana’s Pilates in NYC, and there she discovered hope to pursue an active lifestyle without pain.

Thanks to Pilates (and amazing chiropractic care) she now enjoys running, cycling, weight training, hiking, and the hardest workout of all—babysitting her niece and nephew! She travels internationally to guest teach and learn from world renowned instructors, and continues to master her craft by training regularly with her mentor.

Fuel Sport & Spine Pilates Instructor Summer Reed
Fuel Sport & Spine Pilates Instructor Summer Reed teaching
Fuel Sport & Spine Pilates Instructor Summer Reed on the cadillac